Group 8 Headquarter

Design Architect:  BO-DAA 보다 / 송멜로디 왕시니 최민욱
Executive Architect:  라움플랜 (025835626 / 민경원)
Construction:  삼공건설 / 구자화 박인기
Location:  서울시 용산구 이태원로 15길 30-20
Area:  331m²
Project Year:  2017

The project brief for the Group 8 Headquarters was to create an architecture that was conducive to communication. The company has 5 teams of distinct function so it was important to maintain a gradient of privacy but to also encourage communication. To fulfill the brief, we created a five story building of two parts: concentrated desk work, and meeting with lounge.

The top part is composed of three working floors that are interconnected by a central stair and atrium. The floors are arranged split level to allow an autonomous space for each team but also easy communication. The atrium allows for Southern direct light, air circulation through the skylight, and on an urban level, gives a view of the sky back to the street.

The working floors have floor-to-ceiling windows on the North facade for consistent lighting with a double screen of perforated aluminum. Appropriate for a residential neighborhood, during the daytime the perforated façade screens passersby from looking in, and during the nighttime, the facade transpires to become a lamp to the street.

The entry floor (b1) and basement floor (b2) serve as reception, meeting room, and CEO office. Of a more living room feel, the entry floor overlooks the basement and together enjoys a view of a sunken garden. The company kitchen and large meeting table is located on this floor. On the basement, the CEO’s office is located below the mezzanine.

  • Date
    June 28, 2017