This is the BO-DAA team.

2016년에 설립된 [보다]는 미국 예일 건축대학원에서 만난 네 명의 건축가들로 구성된 젊은 설계사무소입니다. 각 건축가마다 특색 있는 리서치와 역량을 바탕으로 상업과 주거 건축과 더불어 레스토랑 디자인, 프로젝션 맵핑 그리고 가상현실공간 디자인 등 다양한 용역이 가능한 사무소입니다.

[보다]는 공간이 사업 운영과 사람의 행동과 밀접한 관계를 유지한다고 믿습니다. 저희는 클라이언트에게 단순히 공간만을 제공하는 걸 넘어 오퍼레이션 컨설턴트로서 공간의 사용성과 운영제안 그리고 스토리를 만들어 드립니다

Founded in 2016, BO-DA Architecture is a young firm of four friends who met at Yale School of Architecture. Each member brings their own research and talent to the table, allowing a diverse practice that ranges from commercial and residential architecture, furniture, to projection mapping and virtual environments.

Melody Song

brings her research in innovative shared housing operations into living prototypes with her strength in design and experience working with fabricators, creators, and makers of all kinds – transforming concepts into reality.

Yale University Master of Architecture I 2015

Dionysus Cho

has been working to bring his research into the history, theories, and technologies of VR and the Digital Being into the design process of sculpting furniture and space – infusing the bleeding edge.

Yale University Master of Architecture I 2015

Haelee Jung

Haelee Jung is her name. Architecture is her game.

Yale University Master of Architecture I 2015

Xinyi Wang

excels in the research and design of new concepts and strategies for housing, bringing her expertise in design, planning, and real estate to the development of innovative large scale living solutions – creating new lifestyle visions.

Columbia University Real Estate Development 2019
Yale University Master of Architecture I 2016

Shirley Liu

Shirley Liu transforms imagery with her roots in concept art and programming, with a focus on breathing life and character into line work through crafting hand drawn illustrations and experiential web experiences – telling stories with image.

VFS Concept Art & Illustration 2017